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Selected Papers 2009

12th Greek Australian Legal and Medical Conference
Samos, Greece 31st May - 6th June 2009

Edited by: Graham D. Burrows, AO, KCSJ

Our Challenged World — How Can Law and Medicine Respond The Challenge for Youth

Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO
Governor of New South Wales

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The Chamberlains: A Palpable Miscarriage of Justice
The Hon. J.S. Winneke A.C., Q.C.
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King Lear - A study of the early onset of Alzheimer's Disease
The Hon. Austin Asche A.C., Q.C.
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Are we getting value for our increased spending on the control of Infectious Diseases?
Professor Ian Gust
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Medicare Australia and the National Compliance Program
Pamela Michael
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Infanticide, Psychiatry and the Law: A review of current knowledge and practices
Dr Lanny Bochsler
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Truth and Lies – The role of the Forensic Pathologist
Professor David J., Williams
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Bugs or us – who will win the war?
Professor Ian Frazer
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The impact of cluster bombs on civilians:
How can law and medicine respond?

Dr Hadia Haikal-Mukhtar
Phillip Salem

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Rethinking Mental Health Laws: International Trends
Professor Bernadette McSherry
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Rufus of Ephesus – A practical Physician in Antiquity
Owen Powell
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Asbestos and other man-made disasters
David J. Russell SC
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Where have all the Health workers gone?: Future proofing a Global Health Workforce
Professor James A Angus
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Taxation and Real Estate in Greece
John Tripidakis
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Laws Prohibiting Abortion: A violation of the right to health
Ronli Sifris
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Developments in Defamation and Privacy Law in Australia
Maurice Neil QC
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Have the Courts Lost Respect?
FGA Beaumont Q.C.
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The Question of Proof - Contrasting Approaches in Medicine and the Law
Nicholas Bett
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Are you mentally competent before the age of 21?
Professor Ian Hickie
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Victims of Crime Compensation
Chris Lonergan
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Understanding the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19
Professor John Mathews
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Talent War: Attraction and Retention in Practice-Based Professions
Ms Irena Morris
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Tax and Superannuation Planning
John Paolacci
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