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Selected Papers and Presentations 2011

13th Greek Australian Legal and Medical Conference
Kos, Greece 29th May - 4th June 2011

Monday Session 1

Delivering cervical cancer prevention in the developing world. Professor Ian Frazer

presentation Vaccine development "the times they are a changin"
Professor Ian Gust AO

Healthcare workers with blood-borne infectious diseases- patient protection or practitioners' rights?
Ms Natasha Stojanovich

The children of high conflict divorces: a Greek experience
Professor Gerasimos Kolaitis

presentation Can consent to treatment ever be truly informed or valid?
Professor Nick Bett

Monday Session 2

presentation Advance Directives- are they effective?
Ms Elizabeth Kennedy

Keynote Address

Judging Science
The Hon Chief Justice Robert French AC

presentation Reflections on the formation of the first women's mental health service in Greece
Associate Professor Dr Yannis Zervas

presentation Euripedes' Medea : A commentary on feminism and maternal and perinatal mortality in classical times
Associate Professor John Svigos & Dr Andrea Katsaros

presentation Impaired mental functioning - its significance in sentencing
Judge Frances Millane

Duty of care and capacity for consent of mental health patients attending an emergency department
Prof Ross Kalucy AM

Learning from death: coronial investigations and the medical practitioner
Ms Mary Anne Hartley SC

Tuesday Session 1

Tax, superannuation and retirement planning
Mr John Paolacci

presentation Can the law stop terrorism?
The Hon Justice Anthony Whealy

presentation Prosecuting international war crimes – does it do any good?
Mr Kevin Tavener

Increasing concern about clinical x-ray exposure
Professor Erik Ritman

presentation Health work force for 2020-is it sustainable?
Prof Peter Brooks AM

presentation Choosing and training tomorrow's doctors
Prof Neville Yeomans

Tuesday Session 2

Investor protection and corporate collapses – diagnosis and prognosis
The Honourable Justice Michael Sifris

Keynote Address

Reading matter(s): the future of the book
Ms Louise Adler AM

Thursday Session 1

presentation Same sex parenting and the family law
Dr Bob Adler

At the interface between medicine and the law- the case of PTSD.
Professor Bruce Singh AM

presentation Does shoulder tapping put our best foot forward?
Dr Taffy Jones AM

presentation Putting our best information forward
Associate Professor Elizabeth Kalucy

presentation The Law, medicine and the public good: are we putting our best foot forward?: Yes, we are putting our best foot forward but is our best foot good enough?
Associate Professor Anthony Buzzard

Thursday Session 2

The tragedy of Oedipus Rex
Hon Austin Asche AC

Dontas Family Travelling Fellowship Addresses

presentation The Professor Anastasios Dontas Fellowship (Medical)
Newborn screening samples should be used for research
Dr Danielle Freeman

The Professor John Harber Phillips Fellowship (Legal)
Supported decision-making: a new era for mental health law, involuntary
psychiatric treatment, and disability rights?
Mr Piers Gooding

Friday Session 1

presentation The loss of HMAS Sydney 2
The Hon Terence Cole AO RFD QC

presentation Medicine and the scales of regulation: help and hindrance to the public good
Professor Kingsley Faulkner

presentation Getting a plumber to fix your car – how constructive are legal inquisitions into health system performance?
Dr Susan Ieraci

presentation Complementary (or natural) medicine- the work of Hippocrates
Dr Vicki Kotsirilos

Friday Session 2

Dispute resolution boards – a dynamic mechanism for dispute avoidance in large projects
Mr George Golvan QC

Keynote Address

presentation What real reform of the Australian health care system would look like
Prof Richard Larkins AO

Hypothetical- Doctors Behaving Badly - transgressing boundaries in medical practice

Chaired by Professor Richard Smallwood AO Moderator: The Hon Justice Eric Heenan - Supreme Court of Western Australia Dr Taffy Jones AM- Medical Administrator Professor Con Michael AO- Specialist Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Mr Malcolm Howell- Former Registrar and Member of Legal Profession Tribunal Dr Bob Adler – Immediate past chair Medical Board of Victoria Mr John Snowdon- Corporate Counsel for Southern Health

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