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Selected Papers and Presentations 2013

14th Greek Australian Legal and Medical Conference
Cape Sounion, Greece 2nd - 8th June 2013

Monday Session 1

How our life before birth affects our risk of chronic disease as adults
Professor John Bertram

Reforming Public Hospitals: How could a barrister know what to do?
See Paper or See Powerpoint presentation
Justice Peter Garling RFD

The Bionic Eye
Professor Doreen Thomas

Monday Session 2

Don’t stick your neck out
Judge Anthony Puckeridge

Legal Keynote Address

Are bills of rights necessary to protect the unprotected?
Justice Dyson Heydon AC

Monday Session 3

Ethical and Political Implications of New Technology, for Communicable Disease Surveillance and Biosecurity.
Professor Lyn Gilbert

Can We Make Better Use of Existing Data to Protect Human Health?
Professor John Mathews AM

Legal Practice and Health-Related Proceedings - The VCAT Experience
The Hon Justice Gregory Garde AO RFD QC

Tuesday Session 1

Everything You Need to Know about Tax and Superannuation in Order to Avoid Seeing a Doctor or Solicitor
Mr John Paolacci

Attributes of a Good Judge
The Hon Justice Emilios Kyrou

A Perspective on Modern Greek History
Professor Spyros Flogaitis

Suicide notes from Greece: shifting from numbers to persons
Associate Professor Dr Yannis Zervas

Tuesday Session 2

Greek contribution to Cosmology
Dr Peter Champness

Cultural Keynote Address

Protecting the Arts and Humanities: our national and international responsibilities.
Professor Gerard Vaughan AM

Thursday Session 1

The Infected Health Care Worker and Material Risk
Mr Rowan Story AM RFD

Protecting the Vulnerable: Regulating the Alternative Medicine Industry
Dr Susan Ieraci

Why Mothers Kill - Lessons From the Kathleen Folbigg and Keli Lane Trials
The Hon Anthony Whealy QC

Thursday Session 2

Dontas Family Travelling Fellowship Presentations

Facilitating the Exchange of Genetic Health Information between Parties to Gamete and Embryo Donation in Australia
Miss Vanessa White – Winner of the John H Phillips Fellowship Legal

Protecting the Unprotected
See paper or See Powerpoint presentation
Dr Vincent Ho – Winner of the Anastasios Dontas Fellowship Medical

Elders and judicial determination of capacity: Reliving the myth of Aeneas and Anchises in Greek courts
See paper or See Powerpoint presentation
Ms Vaitsa Giannouli PhD candidate School of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Friday Session 1

Medicine and Law- Protecting the Unprotected? Is there as much Need for Protection as Health Professional Boards and Tribunals seem to believe?
Mrs Joan Dwyer

Toxic Dilemmas
Professor Alison Jones

Medico-Legal Collaboration in Fatal Injury Surveillance and Prevention
Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith

Friday Session 2

Trade and Investment Law’s Impact on Public Health Measures – The Aegis for the Unprotected or the Trident Used Against Them?
Professor Andrew Mitchell

Keynote Medical Presentation

Reflections from the National Health & Medical Research Review: The Way forward for Medical & Health Research in Australia
See Paper or See Presentation
Mr Simon McKeon AO

Friday Session 3

The Great Debate: That Medicine & Law Protect the Unprotected?
Chaired by Professor Richard Smallwood AO

Justice Dyson Heydon AC
Professor Gerard Vaughan AM
Mr Simon McKeon AO

Justice Peter Garling RFD
Professor Constantine A Michael AO
Professor Alison Jones

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